Kasım 4.hafta 2018
Newbuilding resale “FRONT RAN” (156,900 dwt, Built Jiangsu Rongsheng for delivery 12/2018, 3 pumps, MAN-B&W) is sold to Greek buyers for US$ 49.5 million, delivery with scrubber fitted.
An Aframax, “NS CHALLENGER” (109,841 dwt, Built Hyundai 2005, 3 pumps, B&W) has been sold by Sovcomflot to Far Eastern buyers for US$ 10.5 million.
 Turkish owners have agreed to sell “GAN-TRIUMPH” and sister “GAN TRIBUTE” (49,999 dwt, Built Hyundai Mipo 2010, IMO II/III, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) to Jo Tankers for US$ 19 million each.
Buyers are paying US$ 13.7 million for “MR KENTAURUS” (46,763 dwt, Built Sungdong Shipbuilding 2007, IMO II/III, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) US$ 13.7 million.
Sales of pumproom type product carriers include “UNIQUE DEVELOPER” (47,366 dwt, Built  Onomichi Dockyard 2010, epoxy, 4 pumps, MAN-B&W) sold by Unique Shipping for US$ 17 million and “CHALLENGE POINT” (45,997 dwt, Built  Shin Kurushima 2008, epoxy, 4 pumps,  MAN-B&W). for US$ 14.3 million. Further, two Ardmore pumproomtype product carriers have been concluded; “ARDMORE SEAMASTER” (45,840 dwt, Built Shin Kurushima 2004, IMO III, epoxy, 4 pumps, Mitsubishi) is sold for US$ 8.2 million, “ARDMORE SEATRADER” (47,141 dwt, Built Onomichi 2002, epoxy, 4 pumps, B&W) has obtained a similar level, buyers are Indian.
Stainless steel “CHEMROAD FUJI” (33,888 dwt, Built Shin Kurushima 2006, IMO II/III, 14 tanks/pumps, Mitsubishi – dd passed 8/2/18)) is reported sold for an undisclosed price.
Kaptanoglu has sold two small tankers, “TANA” (6,480 dwt, Built Desan 2011, IMO II/III, Marineline, 10 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) to Sea Tank, Norway for US$ 9 million and  “TOLI” (3,442 dwt, Built Desan 2009, IMO II, Marineline, 10 tanks/pumps,  Mak) to Sanmar, Greece for US$ 5 million.
In a sale on subjects, Chinese buyers have committed to pay US$ 10 million for LPG carrier “SISOULI PREM” (78,488 cbm, Built Mitsubishi 1992, 8 pumps, Mitsubishi UEC).
BDI: 1231 (1093) – up 1138; Cape size daily t/c: US$ 13,816 (10,853) – up US$ 2,963 pd.
Sanko has agreed sale of the Cape size “EURO FORTUNE” (177,477 dwt, Built Mitsui  2005, MAN-B&W – next ss 7/2020) to Bright Navigation for a price in excess of US$ 16 million. A slightly more modern Cape size, “NORD STEEL” (180,230 dwt, Built Imabari 2007, MAN-B&W) has also been sold, price unreported.
There’s a report that Samos S.S. has sold the modern Oshima-built Kamsarmax “KARLOVASI” (82,354 dwt, Built Oshima 2016, MAN-B&W) for US$ 28 million.
Newbuilding Ultramax “OCEAN NEERAJ” (64,000 dwt, built COSCO Zhoushan 2018, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) has been sold for US$ 24.2 million for prompt delivery ex-yard.
Tomini Shipping has sold a pair of Supramax types, not sisters showing a decent capital gain since the vessels were purchased in 2016. “TOMINI ABILITY” (56,971 dwt, Built Zhejiang Zhenhe 2010, cranes 4 x 36 tons, MAN-B&W) has obtained US$ 10.85 million (US$ 7.5 million); “TOMINI INFINITY” (56,720 dwt, Built COSCO Guandong 2010, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) was also sold for US$ 10.85 million (US$ 7 million).
Cebu-built “PM HAYABUSA” (58,065 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Cebu 2013, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W) is sold for US$ 18 million.
The Panamax “NORD HYDRA” (77,134 dwt, Built Imabari 2014, MAN-B&W) has been sold to Japanese buyers with transfer of an existing timecharter to Norden – no figures reported.
Following recent sales of sister vessels “GENCO KNIGHT” and “GENCO BEAUTY”, Genco has sold a further sister vessel from the series, “GENCO VIGOUR” (73,941 dwt, Built Oshima 1999, 6HH, Sulzer – ss/dd due 10/2019); Chinese buyers are paying US$ 6.7 million.
Chinese buyers have agreed to pay US$ 4.7 million for the overage handymax “STELLA T“ (48,224 dwt, Built Oshima 1997, cranes 4 x 25 tons, Mitsubishi – ss passed 7/2017).
Pacific Basin has sold the Imabari-built “MOUNT TRAVERS” (28,484 dwt, Built Imabari 2002, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W – ss due 3/2022) to Chinese buyers for US$ 6 million.
Vega Reederei is paying US$ 4 million for “AS SAVONIA” (1679 TEU, 21614 dwt, Built Hanjin 2000, gearless,, MAN-B&W).
LNG – Hyundai is to build two 180,000 cbm LNG carriers for Latsco Shipping/Consolidated Marine, deliveries 1Q 2021, price US$ 185 million each.
LPG - KOTC’s long awaited order – LOI was signed in January – has now materialized; three 84,000 cbm vessels costing US$ 71.1 million each will be built at Hyundai with deliveries 10/2019 – 5/2020.
China – there are two domestic tanker orders. AVIC Dingheng is to build a 10,000 dwt product carrier for Ningbo Marine, price US$ 15.8 million, delivery 6/2020; Nanjing Tanker has ordered two 49,700 dwt product carriers from GSI for delivery 4th quarter 2020, no price reported.
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