Chinese owners are buying the zinc coated “QUDS” (44,954 dwt, Built Hanjin 2000, IMO II/III, 20 tanks/pumps, zinc, B&W – ss/dd passed 6/2018); no price has emerged.
Buyers have agreed to pay US$ 9.25 million each for sister vessels “JINAN” and ”DUKHAN” (40,232 dwt, Built Shina Shipbuilding 2003, IMO III, phenolic epoxy, 12 tanks/pumps, B&W – both ss due 2023).
Canadians are buying two vessels with Ice Class 1A, “TOPAZ-T” (13,966 dwt, Built Turkey 2009, IMO II, 14 tanks/pumps, twin Yanmar main engines) and a sister, “TURQUOISE-T” which is one year older. Prices of US$ 9 million and US$ 8.5 million respectively were agreed.
Two Turkish-built and owned Marineline coated tankers are sold, “DEFNE-S” (6,405 dwt, Built Istanbul Shipyard 2008, IMO II/III, 10 tanks/pumps, MaK) for US$ 7.2 million and “OZDEN-S” (5,790 dwt, Built Yildirim Tuzla 2006, IMO II/III, 10 tanks/pumps, Hyundai Himsen) at an undisclosed level.
The 20 year-old “NORTHERN OCEAN” (13,781 dwt, Built Jiangnan Shipyard 1998,
IMO II, epoxy, 12 tanks/pumps, MAN-B&W) is sold to to bunkering operator Monjasa for US$ 5 million, apparently with ss and dd due upon delivery.
An older stainless steel chemical tanker, “TRANS BORG” (11,921 dwt, Built  Kurinoura Dockyard 2000, IMO II/III, 22 tanks/pumps, B&W – ss due 1/2020) has achieved US$ 5.2 million from Korean buyers Jeil International.
Russian buyers have taken over the Ice Class 1A “TARNFORS” (8,245 dwt, Built Qiuxin Shipyard 1998, IMO II, epoxy, 10 tanks/pumps, Wartsila). Delivery has taken place, new name is “GASPROMNEFT MURMANSK”.
Chinese buyers are reported to have purchased “LPG SCORPIO” (82173 cbm, Built Hyundai H.I. 2003, MAN-B&W), no price reported. Delivery took place late last month, new name “GLOBAL SCORPIO”.
Dry cargo rates drifted lower, BDI: 1279 (1401) while Cape size daily t/c rates shed 16% to US$ 14,878 (17,219).
According to market sources, the 82,020 dwt Kamsarmax Jiangsu Hantong Hull 199 for delivery in January 2019 has been sold by Atlantica to Oldendorff for US$ 26.5 million.
Singapore buyers have agreed to pay US$ 24.2 million for Ultramax resale “OCEAN PANKAJ” (64,000 dwt, delivery ex Cosco Zhoushan in early 2019, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W, Tier II).
K-Line has achieved US$ 14 million for Supramax “LUISIA COLOSSUS” (55,455 dwt,
Built Kawasaki Shipbuilding 2010, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W). Conti’s China-built “CONTI LAPISLAZULI “ (57,001 dwt, Built Taizhou Sanfu 2011, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W – next ss 10/2021) has gone for US$ 10.5 million. Older Supra “MERLIN” (50,296 dwt, Built Mitsui 2001, cranes 4 x 30 tons,MAN-B&W – next ss 3/21) has obtained US$ 6 million from Indonesian buyers.      
European buyers are paying Wah Kwong around US$ 9.5 million for “BONNIE VENTURE” (32,500 dwt, Built Zhejiang Hongxin 2012, cranes 4 x 30 tons, MAN-B&W – ss due 1/2022, dd due 11/2019).
Geared Panamax “SHUN YI” (73,461 dwt, Built Tsuneishi Japan 2001, cranes 4 x 30 tons, B&W) has been sold within the Far East for US$ 9.5 million.
Suezmax – Enesel has ordered a further two option two 158,000 dwt Suezmax tankers at Daesan for 2020/2021 delivery; this is in addition to the two the owner has on order at the same shipyard already.
Aframax – COSCO Zhoushan has received an order for two option two 114,000 dwt vessels from First Ship Lease for delivery end 2020 and early 2021 – price US$ 48.35 million each.
Kamsarmax – Taiwan Navigation has split an order for four 80,000 dwt Kamsarmax bulkcarriers between two Japanese builders, Namura and Oshima, two ships at each with deliveries 2020/2021. Price around US$ 34.5 million each.
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